Tuesday, August 28, 2012

After Midnight Soundtrack

One of my favorite things to do is go outside, after dark, and walk. Most of the time I take my music player with me, but the past two nights I haven't taken anything with me. Before going outside, I will write in my journal questions and thoughts; what I'm talking to God about. Then I go out the front door and begin to pray. Nothing in my ears playing; all I hear is God's nighttime orchestra.
Last night was great because along with what I was already hearing, a storm was coming close. Lightening flashes, thunder beginning to roll, and every now and then, you feel a rain drop. It was so beautiful. I asked God to let it rain. Either the day before or a couple of days before I remember reading a love letter from my Groom that He would send something to remind us of how much He loved us. Well, I asked for rain. It might sound strange, but I really enjoy the rain. I like how it feels. It feels so crisp and cool. I like how it smells. It smells clean and fresh. I like how it looks. Everything about the rain, I like. So as I was walking, talking with the Lord last night I told Him why I like the rain. When it rains, its like the earth is getting a rinse over; a shower. It has to be cleaned off from all the junk. Well, I thought about my life in a spiritual sense. I need it to rain down and pour on my life and wash away the junk that does not and should not be there. Now, I love the Lord with all my heart, but that doesn't mean that when I got saved that life would be easy and that I would have a free ride to everything. Life is not fair, but God is still faithful. He reminds us in the little things just how much He loves us.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Come Away With Me

To all the Jesus Culture fans you will recognize the title. One of my favorite things to do is listen to Praise and Worship, especially songs that are intimate and prophetic. Songs that really embrace the love that God has for His children. It brings joy to my heart to be reminded how much God loves me. The lyrics of this particular song are:

Come away with me, Come away with me
Its never too late, Its not too late for you

I have a plan for you
It's gonna be wild, It's gonna be great, It's gonna be for me

Open up your heart and let me in

The spirit of God is saying to me, "Come away with me!"
The words are simple, but why is it the act so difficult? Our flesh, maybe. Our minds....how about this? Our hearts.

Our spirit needs to be in tune with the Holy Spirit. He's calling us to come away with Him. He wants us to spend as much time with Him as we can; He has all the time in the world for you and for me. We're always saying how "busy" we are, but have you seen God's schedule? Hello!! Okay so I might be stretching it a bit, but I am only trying to make a point. Our time tables are not God's time tables. He operates on His own time. He has over 6 billion people to take care of and look over; you have how many? He still makes time for you and me. God never says that His next appointment is about to arrive, so you need to wrap it up. No! He loves you enough for you to get everything out on the table.

He's saying, "Son/Daughter! Come away." Don't you want to get away where its just you and God? No distractions of your "busy" life. If God said to me right now, "Sarah! Get in your car and drive. I'll show you where to go!" Honey, you would not have to tell me twice. When it comes to spending some intimate time with God, four things I have handy: Bible, Journal, Pen, and Prayer Shawl. Sometimes God will lead me just to the quietness of my bedroom. He just wants you to come away with Him. You be amazed at how much God would reveal to you if you just got alone with Him. Bask in His presence. Don't try and get out of it either, blessings come and blessings go. Don't miss out on your blessing or on what God has in store to share with you.

Come away!!
Come away daughter!
Come away son.
Come away father!
Come away mother.
All children of God, "Come away! Open up your heart and LET ME IN!"