Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reason 3: He Loves Me

Praising You everyday for Your love, and not just any love, but for an unconditional love. There is no one on this earth who could love me like You. I praise You because Your love, as like a Father, is never ending. Your love will never run out. Your love will never fail. I thank You for Your love. I praise You because it is also by Your love that I am able to love others, including ones that I do not know. I praise You because that is what You are all about, ...love. I praise You for waking me up this morning that I may express how much I do love You. Your love is better than life. Your love is always there for me. No matter how many times I stumble and fall, You love me. No matter how many times I may break Your heart, You still love me.

I praise You because You love me.

Reason 2: He is My Father

To my Heavenly Father, I like to call You Daddy, I praise You because You are just that. You are my Father. There is no one like You. No one can even come close to even begin to compare. I praise You for every tear that You have seen and bottled up. I praise You for every time You are there to calm my fears and steady my heart. You really are the perfect Daddy looking after His little girl; His princess. I praise You and thank You for the times You said no, even when I thought You should had said yes. You know always what is best for Your daughter. I praise You that You will continue to look out for me as such.

I praise You because You are my Father.

Reason 1: He is My Creator

Thank You Lord that You have taken Your time to create everything beautiful. You said over and over that it is good. I praise You Lord for making me fearfully and wonderfully. I am made in your image. And for each day that passes I thank You that I see me for who You see me as. I praise You for all that is surrounding me. I praise You for the trees, grass, sky, water, food, animals...everything. I praise You for the people. For every person that has been in my life and may not be anymore, Lord, You had them serve a purpose. For every person who is in my life now, I am grateful. For every person who is to come into my life, I even praise you for them. I praise you for seeing Your people beautiful. I praise You for taking the broken and making it into beautiful. You make all things new.

I praise Your because You are my creator.

Current Read on Praise

"The Prayer That Changes Everything" by Stormie Omartian is the book that I am currently reading. It's absolutely wonderful and eye opening. Plus it's very easy to follow along. She talking about how praise is the prayer that changes everything. She includes fifteen reasons to praise God now. I want to encourage you to praise God now. No matter what you are facing. God deserves all your praise. Set your focus on Him. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to give you these reasons. Then write my own personal prayers for each. I recommend that you read this book. Again, wonderful. God will use anything to remind us of His love and speak through anything. 

The reasons to praise God now:
1. He is my creator
2. He is my Father
3. He loves me
4. He died for me
5. He forgave me
6. He gave me His Holy Spirit
7. He gave me His word
8. He is a good God
9. He is Holy
10. He is all-powerful
11. He is with me
12. He has a purpose for my life
13. He redeems all things
14. He is light of the world
15. He is...(just because)