Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reason 1: He is My Creator

Thank You Lord that You have taken Your time to create everything beautiful. You said over and over that it is good. I praise You Lord for making me fearfully and wonderfully. I am made in your image. And for each day that passes I thank You that I see me for who You see me as. I praise You for all that is surrounding me. I praise You for the trees, grass, sky, water, food, animals...everything. I praise You for the people. For every person that has been in my life and may not be anymore, Lord, You had them serve a purpose. For every person who is in my life now, I am grateful. For every person who is to come into my life, I even praise you for them. I praise you for seeing Your people beautiful. I praise You for taking the broken and making it into beautiful. You make all things new.

I praise Your because You are my creator.

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