Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hold Nothing Back

The past couple of weeks have been a test of my faith and trust in God. Today, however, something clicked. I am a child of God. If you are saved, if you are born again, then you, my friend, are also a child of God. Nothing can hold you back any longer. Every thought of insecurity, doubt, unbelief, fear, etc... it has no right to be where you are. God is not about those things; He is not about confusion. God is about grace, mercy, forgiveness. He is about love, trust, and freedom. 

I say this because twice now (in the same week) I have become overwhelmed with thoughts that don't belong in my mind all because of fear. I can not let fear win. As a child of God, I do not have to hold back. God does not only give me strength and courage, He is my strength and courage. So next time those thoughts come into my mind, I just tell them to go back to the pit of hell where they came from and allow the Holy Spirit to be my peace of mind.

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