Saturday, September 6, 2014

Gods Goodness

God is so good.
He is always working on something. He works with us and for us. Never will he turn against us. We must surrender ourself to His way and will. It's not really about what we want. Just know He will supply what you need, when it's needed. He will give you the desires of your heart. The bible says immediately after that verse to " commit your way to Him; trust in Him and he will do it."  God will always keep His word.
For the past 40 days I was compelled to leave Facebook. Didn't know why, but going into the fast I had developed some expectations of what I thought God would do. Boy was I wrong. That's okay. He still helped me through it. He did however work through me anyway. I was able to ask for my mom and dad's forgiveness. In fact I've had a couple of heart to heart conversations with my Dad. It was all  God.
I did say that however during these 40 days that I would spend more time with God and stay focused on Him. Some days I did fail, but I got right back up and moved forward. God loves me unconditionally. So no matter what, I'm loved. BUT I love Him too.
Jesus is my savior. He died for me all because He loved me.
God is so good.

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