Thursday, December 22, 2011

True Love defines love as a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Love...a small word with a big meaning. 

"Love is the greatest thing in the world. 1 COR teaches us that love should be number one on our spiritual priority list. We should study love, pray about love, and develop the fruit of love by practicing loving others. We learn in Galatians 5:22-23 that love is one of the nine fruits of the Spirit available to those in whom God's Holy Spirit lives. God is love, so when we walk in His love we abide in Him. Because we walk in God's love by receiving and expressing it, we should not deceive ourselves into thinking we can love God while we hate other people (see John 4:20). We seek many things during our lifetimes, hoping to find fulfillment in them. But without love, these things fall short of the desired goal. When we put our time and energy into things that do not fulfill us, we feel frustrated. Love is the best thing we can commit our life to. It took me about forty-five years to realize that my priorities were mixed up and that love was not the main thing in my life. It was not my first priority, but it needed to be. The commitment to learn how to walk in love has been the single best decision I have ever made as a Christian. Love not only blesses others; it also blesses the one doing the loving. Concentrating on being a blessing to others has brought me joy. I find it exciting. All of us need to become students of love, excelling in the most important quality of all--love." Excerpt from Joyce Meyer Everyday Life, Amplified Bible.

One morning while out having breakfast I saw a sweet lady who has watched me grow up and who is dear to my heart. Her name is Dot Phillips. Sister Dot recently lost her husband about a month and half ago, but when I see her she seems to be good spirits. I admire that so much. This is a lady where there is no question about her faith and walk with the Lord. Anyway, she proceeds to ask me if I'm married. I reply by saying no. Then she goes on to impart in me some wisdom. What she spoke to me was so beautiful and it made my heart melt. It was her love story. She didn't marry until she was in her thirties. She goes on to say how she dated men, but she could tell that nothing serious would come out of them.One of the young men that she had been dating, actually got up the courage to propose to her, but knowing in her heart that he was not the one. She said that when she finally met Paul, (her late husband) she knew that instant that he was the one. However, she wasn't sure if he was really ready to become serious with her. So she confronts Paul and a week later he calls her up. Then almost fifty-eight years later...well, the rest is beautiful memories. 

What saddens me for this precious lady is that she is not going to get her husband back, at least not here on earth. What gives me hope is that she holds in her heart a much greater love for Jesus Christ. She can't wait to meet Him face to face. I'm now in my mid-twenties and I wonder if God will bless me with a wonderful man, who serves wholeheartedly after Him. I want to be assured that when it happens that I'll know!!! Just like Sister Phillips had said how she knew, that's what I want. No guessing allowed anymore...I WILL KNOW!!

There is one thing I do know for sure; there is a much greater love for me. I thank God for this love. God's love is unconditional. God will be only one to ever fully satisfy. No husband, No wife can ever fully satisfy their spouse like God can. 

God is love!
He loves you!
He loves me!
He loves you and me!

You might say why? You might say how?

Because He gave His life, what more could He give?

The ultimate sacrifice displayed his unconditional love for us all.

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