Sunday, May 4, 2014

Simple Acts of Kindness and Truths

This is something that I am wanting to share.

Recently while sitting at one of our cities local restaurants, two very profound, but simple things took place. Both represented faith and appreciation towards our country, and to Our Father in heaven. As I was sitting in my seat, observing the people and my surroundings (minding my own business), a family came in and sat right behind me. It was a mother, her daughter and son. Their food came and it was time to eat. The mother asked her son not to eat yet because they have not prayed over their food. So when they had got situated and were ready to begin eating, the mom asked her son to pray over the food. I could only hear small bits and pieces of his prayer because he wasn't very loud, but God heard him. So it did not matter if I had heard him or not.
I absolutely love seeing families, or even individuals for that matter, still pray over their food in public. Sure it's easier to do at home when no one else is around, but with the right attitude in heart and spirit, the action of praying in public speaks volumes. My family, when we go out to eat, we join hands and pray. We don't care who sees or hears. Its apart of our faith and obedience to God. Its what He would have us do.

The same scene and same morning, another wonderful thing happens. A family traveling comes in for breakfast. Just a few seconds later, a military (Army I believe) gentleman walks in. This traveling family orders their food and just as the cashier is about to read them their order back and tell them the total, the man turns to the military gentleman behind him and says to order whatever he would like to have; that he is buying his breakfast. He tells the cashier to add his order to their family's order. Their was a shaking of hands out of respect and appreciation. I sat in my seat absolutely amazed and thanking God that their are still people who have this attitude towards our military men and women.

The two scenarios may sound very different, but I think they share similarities. To put it in one word, "FREEDOM".

Freedom is never free. It has always come with a high cost. I say "high" because the cost that was paid and is being paid even in these current times, is that laying down of one's life. Men and Women who have their whole lives ahead of them, decide at a young age to defend and serve their country. They know going into whatever branch, their life could be what saves another life. Branch doesn't matter, north or south doesn't matter, people for generations, young and old, have laid down their lives for this country. All for one word, freedom.

In saying this, I'm reminded of the ultimate sacrifice. As Christians, we believe that God sent His ONLY SON, Jesus Christ to die for us. Our freedom, even spiritually came with a high cost. Blood of one innocent man was shed so that we could live. I just find this so profound and relative to what I experienced and observed this particular morning.

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