Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bursting Cloud

I can hear the thunder all the way down stairs. Just having this statement part of my thinking process drew a bigger picture for me. You can gather from the beginning statement that outside my house, a thunderstorm is present. If I listen carefully, I can hear the rain hitting against the tin-metal roof. Having said this and knowing what this book is about there is a picture of a huge, dark cloud in my head. In life you will experience days where you feel good; you feel light and maybe like you can float on air. Then you will have days where the enemy or maybe just people around think they can start pressing buttons. 
If you are someone who is very outspoken, you can probably confront the issue really quick. However, if you're like me, confrontation is not the first option. I can not stand having to confront people. I never liked it. I have and sometimes will still allow people to walk all over me; I'll pop that button right back out just so they can push it back in. I would not speak up for myself. At this point emotions and feelings toward certain people and even myself would begin to build up pressure. 

Remember that our picture is a storm cloud. A storm cloud just does not automatically come gray and black. It is formed from the moisture in the air along with other particles. The more moisture the cloud takes in, the darker and possible larger that cloud will become. Until finally, it lets it all out. The downpour happens. 
When we let our emotions and feelings build up that pressure life can become difficult or uneasy. We pack it into our minds and find excuses to not want to address the issue. Sometimes we can be dishonest with ourselves and just say, “It really does not bother me. I'll get over it real quick.” I have said that plenty of times and I have come to the conclusion that I deceived myself. Then it happened, I started to notice that I could not hold anything else in. The more days that passed, the more I would hear little rolls of thunder. These rolls would just get closer and get louder until my cloud could not hold anymore. 
I have learned that when necessary and done properly, having to confront a person or a group of people is not a bad thing. It does depend on how it is handled. If you think back to stories in the Bible, some, if not most of our biblical leaders had to confront their people, including Christ himself. 
So I am going to encourage you to not let your emotions and feelings build up and get in the way. Do not be afraid to face your fear of confrontation. Think about this: The sooner you do it, the sooner you'll get it done. God wants us to be filled up with Him, not with the world.

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