Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why God?

Why do we go through the things we go through?
How far does God think He can stretch us?
I know that He said He would not give us more than we could bear, but how much is that?
We're taught to be truthful, but when the truth does come out, why does it get worse?
I thought the truth was supposed to set you free, not still keep you held up in accusations.

I know people who are hurting.
I know people who have feel they have been stretched out to the maximum.
I know people who just want an answer as to why they are going through the things they go through.

How long will they have to wait for their answers?
How long will they have to wait for their victory over their circumstance(s)?

What about our desires? The desires to get married, have children, have a passionate career, etc. Do they exist? YOU SAID IN YOUR WORD THAT IF WE WOULD DELIGHT OURSELVES IN YOU, COMMIT, AND TRUST YOU....YOU WOULD GIVE US THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART!!

Is it really too much to ask?

God! It's only through you that these people have any ounce of strength left.
Why God?
Why have these things happened?
I don't want their answers, but I want them to have their answers.
Make a way when their seems to be NO WAY!!

Thank you for listening God.
I love you Jesus and I know these people love you too. 

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