Monday, April 16, 2012

Appreciate the Single Status

I may not like being single, but I'm learning to appreciate it. Life must go on right? So whether or not you have a husband or wife, you learn to live with it. Paul said it himself, he would rather people, especially Christians, be as he was. Now, let's face it...most people have a desire to marry. However, when you're single you have no one to answer to, but God. You can do anything, go anywhere, and life is simple. This just hit me the other day, appreciate your life. God knows what He's doing. He does not need our help. 

The time came when I'm tired of looking; tired of trying. So why not? Do what you want to do. Go where you want to go. Have all the time you need for God. No distractions of a spouse or family. Then when His timing is perfect, that special man or that special woman will come.

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