Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A letter I wrote

This is a letter that I just wrote for my future husband. Normally, I would keep these things private, but I wanted to share with you. Here goes:

My Beloved Husband, 

This letter might seem a little different than most, especially with how it begins. Most of my letters to you I try to write as if I already know you. However, tonight is not in that mind set. Also, you'll notice no dates on any of my letters to you, but for today I'll let you know the date and time of writing this to you.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Waiting for you is not easy. The older I get I wonder if marriage is even in God's plan for my life. How could it not be? To get married is a big dream of mine. For some reason, I really feel that you'll soon be revealed to me. The desire to know you is so strong and so very real. I keep wanting and waiting on God to let me dream about you when I'm asleep. I'm trying to allow my days not to be where I dwell on the subject, but some days I just can't help it. Sometime I cry; I'll cry myself to sleep. I'll lay in my bed and wonder to myself "when?" There are some times when I seriously think that you are already in my life. If only I knew. However, I know God has it planned. It will happen in His timing.

Here are a few things I want:
I want us to pray together.
I want us to worship and praise together.
I want us to minister together.
I want us to grocery shop together.
I want us to take trips together.
I want us to family up with many children.
I want us to sing together.
I want us to share intimate secrets together.

I don't want to sleep alone anymore. Please come to me soon.
This is written in hopes that you are thinking about me just as much as I think about you.
Know this who ever you are, I LOVE YOU!!

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