Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One Desire

My goal is not to sound like a broken record, but I apologize in advance if I do. I speak on behalf of anyone who is waiting. There is always one thing that we so desperately desire; one thing that we can not take our hearts and minds off. No matter what we try to do or what we try to accomplish, that one desire is only still a desire. My question: When God? When will your timing come to pass? God you know our heart. You know that we are not in a relationship with you because we want things...all we want is you...all I want is you.

It is really discouraging though when it seems people all around us are being blessed and getting things that they desire from you. People have their spouse; they have kids; they have their dream job along with maybe a dream income... How many tears will we have to cry? How many more nights do we only dream?

I've been asking what more do you want? God we want to trust you in this department...we do trust you, just sometimes we wonder if that is a path or the path you want us to take at all in our walk with you. So what do you want? We already do our our best at the "basics". We really are trying to please you God. We all love you very much. We would never dream of taking you for granted and/or taking advantage of you. I know that you hear us all.

You have our best interest in your heart. You are our Father. Just like a father, You want the very best for your children.

I love you Daddy God!

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