Sunday, May 13, 2012


It is my pleasure to introduce to you a man whose name is unlike any other. The character that he possesses is very hard to find in a world filled with greed and unrighteousness. This man shows full potential; he is within the very heart of Christ Himself. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you, Boaz.

We first met Boaz in the Bible, found in the book of Ruth. Let me share with you a few characteristics about Boaz. A landowner, business man. Boaz is known to be the kinsman redeemer. He is well known (famous) in and around his community and more than likely, his state. He is of great wealth. He would help out any one who needed a shirt on their back, needed a meal or meals to eat, etc. He was a giver. Boaz was very protective of whatever belonged to him, especially when it came down to his wife. He even rebuked people that made even one insult towards her.

I tell you this because I can not wait to meet and have my own Boaz. I remember this like it was yesterday, but on Good Friday 2012, at a Ladies' Foot Washing it was spoken over me that my Boaz was coming and coming soon. To be quite honest, since then, I haven't really thought about it. However, it came to my curiousity that I wanted to know who the "real" Boaz was. Wouldn't you? So I researched. Trying to keep myself occupied with other things is not easy, but its also not difficult. God has blessed me with a part-time job that is cooperating with my dual school schedule. I baby sit about once every other week, so you can say that I do keep busy. There is no time to really think about the husband subject. However, he has been on my heart for a couple of days now.

There is only time that I can remember dreaming about my wedding. It was around that I also received the "Boaz" word. I wish that I would dream about the whole day. I even wish when I saw a face in my dream that I could remember his features: like the color of his eyes and the sparkle of his smile.

Oh how I want to meet him.
I want to introduce myself and give a quirky giggle.
I want us to go on that first date that I actually want to remember, instead to regretting ever going out.
I want him to notice me right off the bat.
The minute he sees me, he'll know! And I'll know!
 (I'm getting all giggly right now)
I shouldn't have to ask and question his faith and walk with God.
I want to hold hands.
I want to talk/text/e-mail each other all the time.
I want to snuggle and cuddle with him on the couch.
I want us to pray together.
I want us to minister together.
Where he goes, I go.

There is so much I look forward too.
I am so grateful to God that He would bless me with man like Boaz.
I know God has the perfect timing and everything.
So I will just keep holding on to the promise of God's word.
Boaz will come!!

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