Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's About Legacy

Today's message at church was about "Legacy". Then when my family and I sat down for lunch my dad asked me a question. He asked, "Sarah, what kind of legacy are your mother and I leaving you?" Of course being caught off guard and not expecting that question I didn't have an answer. I have however spent the rest of the afternoon/evening pondering my answer. 

From the time I was six days old I have been in church. My parents were very much involved and I too would be involved along with my younger sister and brother. Mom and Dad taught us plenty: from right and wrong to staying faithful in what we said we would do. Has it been easy? No... and that goes for both parents and children. 

Some other things that they are teaching us is to work hard. Do your best and give it your all even when you don't feel like it. This, I'll admit, has been a slow lesson for me to learn. They have raised us to fear God and to respect those around us.  This just doesn't go for church either. It goes also for school, work, miscellaneous events...anything we set our minds to do.

I do believe that my parents are leaving a great legacy. My dad not being raised in church, he has come such a long way in the Lord. One thing that I remember us doing as a family was to pray as a family. We would sit in a circle, hold hands, pray for one another,  and other family needs. I know that we are all adults now and we all have busy schedules, but I sometimes I miss that. I have taught myself to pray and read my Bible even when I don't feel like it. We should still make the time to pray as a family. This doesn't mean that we don't pray as individuals, but actually sitting together and praying. I know that's one thing I would want my children to learn and do. 

I want to teach my children and help them grasp the importance of leaving a good, healthy, God filled legacy.

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  1. Good job! Really got me thinking on what kind of legacy my parents have left my sister and I.