Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tis' The Season

Not much of a Halloween fan, except for the fact that all the candy in the world comes available in the big bags. However, what I love is that once Halloween is finished the rest of year is down hill. In just a little less than a month after the October festivities, we celebrate Thanksgiving. Then a month after that holiday, we celebrate Christmas. It's so close.

Today was incredible. A couple of days ago we experienced a bit of warm temperatures for the month of October. We soon heard on the news that the numbers would plum it. The weather people were right. That next morning, it was cold. I think that the high was in the low 50's. Now it's high 40's. It feels wonderful. It actually feels like fall. Daddy said that we could turn on the fire furnace to warm the house. I was so excited to hear that statement. 

Next thing you know we will be eating turkey and then opening presents. Most importantly though, we be celebrating something better. It will not be about the presents or the turkey. It will be about a man who came to this earth to die for each of us here on earth.

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