Friday, October 21, 2011


Worship is a lifestyle. So why do people, think that Worship is only in the music. Even some people think that it is only a certain type of music that is for "worship". How sad? The Bible talked about the instruments played: drums, cymbols, strings, etc. So why is it so wrong to have electric guitar? There is nothing wrong with a noise. Heaven is going to be so loud with Praise and Worship. There is no sound system that can be turned down. The tempo of the song should not matter either.

I will admit that there are some songs I am not crazy about, as with everyone, but if it is a song that will lead someone to Christ, then I will sing that song all day long. I am blessed to be part of a church who has the basic intrsuments and that we have singers who worship. Sometimes though I wish that the praise team would just have a few Sunday's to sit out. Music in churches is used as crutch. People think that music is the only way for the Holy Spirit and God's presence to come into the sanctuary.

The Bible says, "When two or three gather together, there He will be in the midst of them." There is nothing in that verse that says the service needs to begin with one fast song and two more that are slow. It is appropiriate to have a basic order of service, but to think that it has to be followed, seriously... Leaders get filled with the Holy Spirit and follow His lead.

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