Sunday, July 29, 2012

Someone Special

That someone special
He's a lot closer to me than what I think
He's waiting on me and I on him
The suspense feels like torture
Each day that passes, I know that we're getting closer

I stay true to how and what I believe
Thanking God that he'll be doing the same
We won't back down just so we'll be pleasing

His heart and my heart, we finally meet
There is just something about him
I can't explain how I feel nor what's going through my mind
My nerves are a little shaky
My emotions running wild

What does he think about me?
What kind of woman does he see?
Is he feeling what I'm feeling?

God only knows

He looks at my eyes
I look at his
Instantly we know that we are meant to be
Its not on a gut feeling
Its by the Spirit of God which led us to this place

Only God can do this; not man
God has a purpose; He has a plan

I look forward to our journey of a lifetime together
Lets not forget who did this

My beloved is mine and I am my beloved's.

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