Thursday, January 12, 2012

Daniel Fast - Week One

It's Sunday morning when my family and I start the fast. Everything was going fantastic. Kids church was awesome. Then after arriving in the sanctuary to only find out the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong; people all over in the altars praying and seeking. It was absolutely wonderful. Pastor Greg, not getting to preach. God took over and he was showing out. I thought to myself, "This is only the beginning." Keep in mind that my church actually started this fast a week earlier. I was on vacation with my family and therefore we were not prepared to start that week. Anyway...needless to say church was GREAT!!

Transitioning- went home, ate a nice lunch, and took a nap.

BOOM!!! POW!!! I got hit with this awful headache. It was horrible. At first I thought that it might be related to the fast. Within a couple of days before beginning this fast I thought to start weening myself off of certain foods such as sweets and caffeine. So automatically when I awaken with this headache I assume that it is because of no caffeine. Thinking this I decide not take any medicine, it will wear off in a few hours.

I was so wrong. It got worse. The pain did not once back off. In fact, I found myself aching, having chills...this was not good. By the end of the night I have rice pack on my head to try and relieve the tension. It was so bad, lights could not be on around me. I finally go to bed, or at least try, and I still will not take anything. Again I woke up somewhere between  1 and 2 in the morning very ill. Head is pounding, freezing chills, horrible aches, and now to make matters I have a 102 fever. At this point, I knew this was not fast related. That told me flu. Then I thought God does like stupidity. I got up and took some Tylenol. Finally, within a few minutes, pressure began to relieve.

By late Monday afternoon, my temperature reading was 103. This reading fluctuated throughout Tuesday as well. Tuesday, my throat is swollen and I cannot speak. All you would have to do is barely put your fingertips on my throat and you could feel the swelling. Again, HORRIBLE!!

Unfortunately, when you're sick fluids are very important and so are certain vitamins, such as C.  I drank lots of water and orange juice. Then I discovered we have V8. Awesome, because for almost 2 1/2 days I could not swallow to eat or take any pill form medicine. Everything had to be in liquid form. I did eat a couple of Popsicle's...

Good news! God got me through it. I stuck to the fast as best I could.

I tell you this because God knows our heart. He knows our intentions, but He does not like ignorance and stupidity. Take care of yourself. I know I got sick and I'm still recovering, but that did not stop me from praying and spending with God. So in closing, I praise Him for everything that He IS doing. Thank you Jesus!

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