Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Daughter of God

Seems like where ever I go there's a young girl who's hurting. She wants answers as to why she feels the way she does. She wants closeness. She wants intimacy. However, she can't find it. Why? She's looking for it in all the wrong places. Places that she may look include friends, boys, and even family. I've even seen young girls search for closeness through their church. They always come up empty.

Women for the most part, we like to be noticed. We like to hear how much we are appreciated. We like to hear praise upon praise. What we don't like is all the negative. We are very emotional beings. We're very easy to believe what we hear.

However, I want you to think about this, you were created to be emotional. Most men (not all), but most are to stubborn to show true emotion. That macho-ness comes into their mind. Women don't care. I could be sitting in a restaurant and start to cry. Who knows it might be from a commercial that I saw on TV. There's no telling what would trigger it, but it's happened. Someone has to cry. What would this world be like if there were no tears. They range from all different emotional levels. Tears not only show a sign of sadness, but of joy. You might be saying, “Well, in Heaven there won't be any crying.” Yes, I believe that to be true, but this is earth. This is the same earth that Jesus himself walked on over 2,000 years ago.

Satisfaction is what we look for. Men do too, just in different ways. We long for attention. We spend all our time giving and giving, we wonder why can't we get? We long for affection? This is a big one. We want so bad to hear three little words that mean so much, we'll almost do anything to hear it. It's rather sad. My heart breaks when I hear a young lady tell me that she will let a young man do anything to her just so she can hear “I love you.” Some women goes even as far as saying, “Well, he may say it, but it shows through the way he makes love to me.” We long for devotion.

This is written to remind you how valuable you are to a man who loves you so much that He died for you. You are worth all His time. You are worth all His affection. You are worth all His devotion. There is nothing on this earth that can fully satisfy you. It is only through Jesus Christ where you find total and complete satisfaction. When you call on His name, He will answer. He is right beside you. He will never leave you. He will never forsake you.
Let Him be your lover. Let Him be the one that you are intimate with. Tell Him your deepest desires and thoughts. Whatever comes to your mind, tell Him. He already knows, so why try and hide it from Him. He sees your tears. He knows how much your heart hurts. He knows how tired you are. He knows it all.

You are a woman of worth. Do not let anyone else try to tell you different. You are special. He wants to be the love of your life. Let Him!!! Let him in Daughter!!

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