Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I know a lot of ladies who feel comfortable within their own bodies, but as many as there are, there are just as many women who can't even stand to look at them selves in the mirror. Some of these women would just give up. Maybe they've tried diet after diet, but it just didn't work. I'll be honest that I've tried a few. However for me the reason why it didn't work, I didn't give it enough time to work or I just didn't care if it worked at all. I'll give you a secret; it's for the best diet in the world. Watch what you eat!! Don't in-take so much. What would be in the secret for succeeding? Allow God to even help you lose weight, but to more importantly become healthy.

I've just started reading "Fit For My King" by Sherri Rose Shepherd. I've had the book for a little while, but felt there wasn't enough time. First of all, NO EXCUSES!! If I could give a good excuse/example about me, for the last two-three months I was on steroids. Everyone knows what they can do to your body. When taking medicines that's when its most important to have and stick to healthy eating habits.

Anyway, I wanted to share something about oxygen. I am quoting this passage from the book mentioned above:

" We can live 40 days without food, 4 days without water, but we will die in 4 minutes without oxygen. When God made man, He put in him a breath of life for him to exist. In the Garden of Eden, God blew the breath of life into Adam's nose. Some of us desperately need to learn to breathe deep. Exercise is essential to get oxygen to your cells. God created us to be physically active. Oxygen brings life to our bodies.

Oxygen...detoxifies our blood.
Oxygen...strengthens our immune system.
Oxygen...heightens concentration and alertness.
Oxygen...rejuvenates and revitalizes unhealthy cells.
Oxygen...slows down the aging process.
Oxygen...helps fight depression.

Not only does oxygen help your body burn fat, it is the very essence of life. So give yourself the gift of exercise. You deserve to take 20-30 minute break for you to refresh your mind and body with some exercise."

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